Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Nothing Better than Waking Up a Winner!

This morning I woke up to some fabulous news!  I won the BareNecessities giveaway! is one of my favorite blogs (as you can see on my links page) and today I love it even more!  :)  Now I just have to decide what to spend my $100 gift certificate on!

Seeing as I love shopping for lingerie (and well, anything for that matter), I already have a few things in mind.  For starters, I love Hanky Panky Panties!  These signature lace low rise thongs are super cute and sexy and just $23- leaving me with plenty of loot to spend on other gorgeous items, such as...

These Givenchy Lace Pattern Sheer Tights!  These gorgeous patterned tights are straight off the runway, but only cost $18!  What a steal!  I love that the pattern alternates down the leg, which will really provide that extra something for any evening ensemble!

Now, if I left the choice up to my boyfriend, I'm sure he would suggest I get some sexy sleepwear, such as this flirty babydoll from Jezebel ($49)!  I love Jezebel lingerie because it's fun and girlie, but still super sexy!  I've always found Jezebel lingerie to fit well and flatter my body more than other comparably priced lingerie brands.

Of course, I could just forgo the lingerie all together and gear up for spring with this Freya bikini for $110!  Freya bikini tops offer great support, and the fold over bottoms keep muffin top (ick) at bay! This might not make my boyfriend too happy for the moment, but I'm sure he'll get over it by the time beach season arrives!

I'm so excited to be the winner of such an amazing giveaway! Let me know what you think I should spend my gift certificate on or what you would buy if you had $100 to spend at!  Thanks again to for this great giveaway!

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