Monday, February 14, 2011

And a Happy V-Day to you, too!

Today is Valentine's Day, a day filled with love, friendship, roses, and other things to make you feel warm and fuzzy inside- unless, of course, you're me.  Instead of cute, cuddly, and romantic things, my day has been filled with gross, stinky, and unfortunate ones.  I think the V-day curse began last night, when I saw a cute, cuddly cat dart into the road...and then I ran over it.  After spending the next 10 minute drive home sobbing, I tried to quit thinking about the poor little kitty so I could go to sleep.

Then, this morning, after packing up my things from a visit with my family, I headed to Indy to catch a bus back to Chicago.  Only when we were nearly to our destination did I realize that I left all the jewelry my boyfriend has ever bought me at my parent's house.  What better way to show my appreciation for all his loving gifts on Valentine's Day than to leave them randomly placed in a home 5 hours away from us!

Although this second event was minor compared to the first, it wasn't the best way to start off my Valentine's morning.  Of course, my sister would make it all better shortly dropping her keys in a sewer drain.  Unfortunately, it wasn't this sewer drain:
Turtle Power!
After some quick thinking and the donated wire hanger from a nearby Hilton, the keys were saved and all was right in the world.  At least until a lady that smelled like stinky cheese sat next to me on the bus ride home.

Anyway, hope your day is roadkill, sewage, and stinky cheese lady free!  Take care and Happy Valentine's Day!

xoxo- Haute Lunch

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