Monday, March 7, 2011

Review: HauteLook Presents Sole Society

HauteLook, one of my favorite sample sites, has added another weapon to their arsenal for those of us who are shoe obsessed!  Sole Society is a shoe club that uses a quiz to find your personalized style profile and then creates a "closet" of shoes for you to pick from each month. These shoes are said to be of "designer quality," but don't expect to find a pair of Louboutin's in the mix.

Your monthly closet consists of 6 pairs of shoes.  If you see a pair you love, you can purchase them for $49.95.  If you are not happy with your original selection provided by Sole Society, you can request alternates for that month, or choose to skip that month.  As long as you choose to skip by the 5th of the month, you will not be charged anything.  If you forget, you will still be charged $49.95, which can be used to purchase shoes in that or any future month.  However, Sole Society will only allow 3 months credit ($149.85) to build up at any given time.

So how does this shoe club know your personal sytle?  Well, when you first sign up you take a quiz that is supposed to pinpoint what shoe profile best fits you.  This quiz asks questions about which celebrity styles you prefer, what type of shoes you like best, and what words best describe your tastes.  Here are a few screen shots from the quiz:

Once your style profile is created, Sole Society takes about a day to return your first selection of shoes.  I had mixed feelings about my initial closest:

While I really liked both pairs of booties and the wedge sandal, the others I could definitely do without.  Luckily, you can continue to refine your profile by rating each pair of shoes in your closet based on the color, style, and heel.  Since this is a brand new system, I'm not sure how well these ratings will help refine your profile, but hopefully after a couple months your closet will be filled with 6 "sole mates."

If you think you are ready to give Sole Society a shot, click here to take the style quiz and register for an account.  They don't require any billing information until you make your first purchase (which I appreciate), but you can begin to view the selections made for you.  Keep in mind, you can receive $10 off your first purchase through the end of this month by using the promotion code SS10 at checkout!  Also, you can refer friends and get a free pair of shoes if 3 of your referrals make a purchase!  Overall, I think this site has promise.  I like the shoe selections more than those I have seen from other shoe clubs (such as ShoeDazzle), and I think this is a great option for gals who don't believe in "too many shoes."

Update: I just got my "alternate" closet selections today, and I must say they definitely fit my style better than the first round!  Here is what was selected for me on the second attempt:

I am purchasing the microsuede zipper bootie in the lower left corner! I also love those coral open toe sandal, but one pair is good for now! I can't wait to get my booties in the mail and try them on! I will post pictures of the actual shoes once they arrive!

Haute Lunch Rating: 4.5 out of 5 Trays


  1. Very cool!
    Thanks for the fab review!


  2. this is a really awesome post. i like this sole society idea--it's very cool if it works well. makes me realize i need new shoes--that aren't black!

  3. Haha! I need new shoes too, but I could use more black ones as I always go for pastels and tans!

  4. Ooh thanks for the introduction. It's too bad I'm not in the US to take advantage of this. It's definitely an interesting concept for those of us that get bored of our wardrobes!

  5. I totally forgot you're not in the U.S. This is a cool idea, though!

  6. i got the same selection as you did the first time

  7. We must have similar taste, Michelle! Did you end up buying any shoes?