Monday, March 14, 2011

Mix & Mingle Monday

Good Evening, Gorgeous!  Tonight I thought it would be fun to tell you more about myself in addition to learning some fun facts about you all!  I've created a little survey with 10 questions. Here are my answers:

1. What famous person do other people tell you you most resemble?
People most often tell me I look like either Christine Taylor or Mariah Carey. Yeah, I don't see it, either.

2. What is your favorite season?
I love Fall because of the fashion!  I love sweaters, boots, and scarves and have an unhealthy obsession with jackets!

3. If you could be a cast member on any current TV show, which show would you choose? 
Community. Hands down. Every character is hilarious they have so much fun!

4. If you went to a karaoke bar, which song would you pick to sing?
Based upon my secret love of this song and the comic relief it would provide the audience, I would probably go with Bonnie Tyler's "Total Eclipse of the Heart."

5. What was your favorite board game to play as a child?
When it worked, Mouse Trap was the best!  Unfortunately, it hardly ever worked.

6. If you won a million dollars, but weren't allowed to spend it on anything practical (e.g. no house, car, bills, food, etc) or charitable what would you do with it?
I would take a trip around the world, and then throw a huge, fabulous gala for all my family and friends upon my return!

7. Who was your first "Teen Beat" crush?
I was crazy about Andrew Keegan from "Camp Nowhere" and Thunder Alley but you younger gals probably recognize him from 7th Heaven and "10 Things I Hate About You."  P.S. I totally had this poster on my wall.

8. If you're out shopping for clothes, what color are you always drawn to?
I'm always drawn to grey- what can I say, I love it!  Definitely need to add more color to my wardrobe this spring, though!

9. If you only have time to put on one makeup product, what do you choose?
I would always go with a nice face powder- flawless skin can go a very long way!

10. If you have a pet, what type of animal is it and what is it's name?  If not, what type of pet do you think you'd like to have?
I have a super silly cat named Noodle.  Her sole purpose in life is to annoy my boyfriend, which I find rather endearing.  

Now it's your turn!  Leave a comment answering any or all of these questions!  I can't wait to hear from everyone!


  1. I miss Fall in this tropical country. Noodle is too cute!

    Chic 'n Cheap Living

  2. I would miss Fall, too! At least it's almost always warm there, though! And Noodle says thanks for the compliment! :)

  3. There is nothing quite like fall!

  4. Id say CT:)
    I get told i look like Fergie all the time, lol....well alright then, hahaha.
    Stop by and say Hello:)
    Enter my Fab Free People Giveaway!!♥

  5. haha, this is great. i love that you want to sing Total Eclipse of the Heart! that's so great for karaoke.

    - i would want to be on Glee or Parks & Rec
    - i'm drawn to brown colored clothing when i shop
    - i have a dog and his name is Inigo Montoya! (love your cat's name)

  6. Cheryl, is your dog's sole purpose in life to find a six toed dog who killed his father? :) Love the name! The Princess Bride is such a great movie!

  7. OMG, Camp Nowhere, Andrew Keegan, DYING! Adored him like none other. SO funny! Great learning more about you.