Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Wednesday Wants

Hello Lovelies! Today I thought I'd share with you a few things I've been longing for since I first laid eyes on them. While I'm still doing my best to maintain a "spending freeze" I can't help but do some online window shopping. If I weren't on a budget, these would be the first things I'd buy:
Marc by Marc Jacobs ZaZa Chevron Bangle - $62.40 at Zappos
Sultra Clip In Feather Hair Accents - $25 at Sephora 
Embellished Smock Dress - $59.50 at Victoria's Secret
OPI Brights Nail Lacquer in No Room for Blues - $5.51 at Amazon
L.A.M.B. Etta Platform Wedge Sandals - $325 at Zappos
Lanvin Pillow Lambskin Coral Shopper - $1,390 at Nordstrom
Unfortunately the last two wants are well out of my price range, but that doesn't mean I can't continue to lust after them! What have you been longing for lately? If you can share links in your comments, I would love to take a look!


  1. Oh my goodness...that dress is perfect for summer! Kisses, darling

  2. <3 the wedges and nail polish!

  3. Gorgeous selections!
    Love that VS dress!


  4. I am so jealous of those feather hair accessories. I'm kind of over the top in love with this trend right now.
    Twitter: @GlamKitten88

  5. i need a spending freeze. i swear blogging has caused my impulse spending to skyrocket. i see things on blogs which causes more things to "fall into my hands/cart" than usual. maybe you should do a how to spending freeze post ;)

  6. A spending freeze post might be a pretty good idea! I will work on some tips, because I definitely have to work on not spending, too!

  7. Oh lawdy. I immediately wanted the first 3 things. Oy vey locking up the wallet. eeps!

  8. WOW.. this MJ bangles are simply divine.. and OMG.. for this Smock dress
    So pretty
    lee x

  9. Oh I want that bag. Gorgeous color.

    I'm glad you pointed out the tickets are for all season long! I didn't notice that! AWESOME!

  10. That bangle is the definition of summer! I love those blues!

  11. wow, the LAMB and the Lanvin are stunners but they are pricey. i say, get the OPI for sure and then treat yourself to either the bangle or the feather extensions.

  12. Way to be an enabler, Cheryl! :) I really think I'm going to have to make that bangle mine. I've been obsessing over it for at least a month now. :) I <3 M.J.

  13. LOVES the list! Totally no room for blues with that nail color. have been talking about doing nails blue for a few weeks now. Need to go for it! And, can't say I'm digging the feathers. I know it's cool but I'm 31 and work with corporate clients. Feel like they'd fire me! LOL.
    alyson ---

  14. ps: oh and that bangle? have seen it. want it. love it. good choice!
    (still your "anonymous" pal alyson :) )

  15. The LAMB wedges and that Lanvin handbag are both so amazing. Altho, I have an unreasonable affection for anything coral, orange, tangerine....
    Great post! Altho I have to admit at first glance I thought the bracelet was a dog bowl?!! Might be time to get my eyes checked!

  16. I'm loving those wedges and the nail polish. So cute, and awesome choices by the way!
    Have a great day!

  17. I've been eying that VS dress as well!! Isn't it so cute??!