Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Randolph Street Market Festival Recap

Hello Lovelies! I hope you all enjoyed your extended weekend (here in the U.S.)! I certainly did! One of the highlights of my weekend was hanging out at the Randolph Street Market Festival on Saturday morning! There were tons of vendors selling everything from jewelry to furniture! I always enjoy looking at vintage items, but there were pieces from many amazing local designers at this event, too! Here are some photos I snapped while looking around.

I loved these necklaces by local jewelery artist, Broad Street. Check out the website, or if you're interested in buying, visit the etsy store
This fabulous trench was created by local fashion designer, Anna Fong. Anna is a rising star in the fashion industry, which came as no surprise after browsing her latest collection. Check out her website for more lovely selections.
Another Anna Fong design. I love the elegant simplicity of this dress. The ever so slight train in the back also won my heart.
My friend, Rebecca, modeling a ring made of the back of a watch face. Unfortunately, I can't remember the designer.
Some fun necklaces also made of old watch parts.
This was the largest assortment of beads I've ever seen in one place! I was hoping to find a necklace like the one I was drooling over at the Chicago Modern Vintage event, but no such luck.
Although the idea of biking in Chicago has always sent chills down my spine (I know several people who have been hit by cars while riding), I couldn't get enough of these brightly colored, vintage inspired bicycles! I wanted to take one home in every color!
Since I'm still on a tight budget, the only thing I bought was this beaded bracelet for $8. I love the colors and definitely have several outfits that this will go with perfectly!
I really enjoyed this market, and am looking forward to attending again in June! I also met several fun, local bloggers which I will tell you about very soon! If you live near Chicago or plan to visit sometime between now and November, be sure to check out the Randolph Street Market schedule and plan your trip accordingly. This really is an amazing festival, so if you ever have the chance, I highly recommend you attend. Have a happy Tuesday!


  1. Looks like fun! Love all the accessories.

    ♡ from © tanvii.com

  2. I love the accessories and, especially, that gorgeous trench coat!!! LOVE IT.

    Twitter: @GlamKitten88

  3. Cute bracelet! I'm def going to have to go back because I'm on the hunt for the perfect coral colored beaded necklace.

  4. I love the trench, too! Although, the designer is Anna Fong- I think you just have me on the brain! Ha! :) Love it!

  5. Wow everything is amazing. The ring is incredible!! I absolutely love the coat!! Market festivals always have amazing items!!

    I had a great weekend. Hope you did too!


  6. I love street markets! How cool that you found all that clothing and those beads - and love that ring :)

  7. Wow..those necklaces are stunning and the long dress is perfect for summer romantic date nights:) Have a great day, darling

  8. That trench is beyond gorgeous!

  9. I wish I could have gone to this! Glad you had a good time :)

  10. Gorgeous post!
    Love those necklaces!


  11. that trench is stunning, but absolutely love the bracelet you found. So versitile!
    oh, and the jewelry made from watches?! I might have to find me something similar to help with my watch addiction. thanks for sharing your fun finds!
    alyson -- www.theaveragegirslguide.com

  12. So funnnnn.....I wish we had an extra long weekend in Canada AND a great market to go to....ha. That dress is so gorgeous. Good for you for not buying everything....I guess it would have been bad for my pocketbook if I had been shopping there


  13. You hit the jackpot with that bracelet. I'd love to visit that place!

  14. Thank you for the introduction to Anna Fong - stopping by her website now!

    Just discovered your blog. It would be lovely if you stopped by mine sometime.

    Andrea x

  15. what a fun market! i LOVE the coral maxi dress!

  16. that beaded bracelet is a great choice--love all the color. this market looks fab--i really want that trench!

  17. Tara I could not market Randolph Street Market better myself! You captured what makes it special -it's that mix of flea market finds with high styled, in vogue one of a kind designer pieces. You have great taste and really understand the whole idea behind Modern Vintage. Thanks for doing such a great job documenting the merchandise and being with us for our rain soaked opener. June it is, another Happy Hour & early shopping,just for the Bloggers :)

  18. It was wonderful to meet you at the market/blogger meetup!! You were so sweet! xo

  19. wow the trench and the necklaces are fabulous. You always seem to find the best things at the markets =)


  20. Great recap!! I STILL have to get my post up!

    That beaded bracelet you scored is magnificent. So glad to have met you last weekend. We owe it all to the Randolph Street Market. :)

  21. ooooh my goodness, those accessories are amazing! what a dream. <3 EverRubyGirl.blogspot.com

  22. Thanks for all the sweet comments, ladies! It really was a fabulous event with lots of eye candy! I can't wait to attend the next one later this month!

  23. I love that bracelet! Such fun colors, and a good single purchase :)