Friday, May 13, 2011

An Accidental State Street Shopping Haul

Hello, Lovelies! As I sure you all know, Blogger has been causing many of us some headaches over the last day, but I'm super happy now because I get to share my fun new purchases with you! Just a few days ago I was talking to the girls behind TAGG and CnC Living about how I was trying not to spend much since the fiancé just shelled out a lot of money on my engagement ring. Well, that didn't last long!

Yesterday, I headed downtown to State Street bright an early to take advantage of the fabulous Ojon event Sephora was hosting! My only real plan for the morning was to take my empty bottle of Aussie Deeep Conditioner into Sephora to redeem my full size set of Ojon Damage Reverse Shampoo & Conditioner! I got to the store about 15 minutes early, and was lucky enough to be the first person to receive the free gift! After exiting the store around 10:01am, I thought to myself, "It sure it nice out- why not walk around State Street and do a little browsing," and that's exactly what I did!

Of course, we all know that the only time you really find things you love is when you don't want to buy anything. Thus, in the two hours after I had left Sephora, I encountered tons of gorgeous shoes, dresses, etc that fit me perfectly- and I came home with 8 of them!

Here is the entirety of what I bought on State Street yesterday:

However, just to show you that I wasn't TOO horrible with my money, I'd like to break down my haul piece by piece!

Let's start with the shoes, shall we?

These cute little Zigi Girl sandals originally sold for $60, but I picked them up for $40 at Nordstrom Rack!
I got an even better deal on these lovely Steve Madden Luxe flats! They were originally $90, but I got them for just $33 at Filene's Basement!
Next up, the accessories...

Here you can see my new Michael Kors yellow studded belt, which I got from TJ Maxx for $7.50 instead of $38! I also picked up this adorable (and much needed) Totes umbrella from Nordstrom Rack for $13 instead of $24! Finally- the Ojon shampoo & conditioner, which would have cost me $49- but I got them for FREE!
This Donna Dixon beach tote also caught my eye from across the aisle while I was in TJ Maxx. It originally retailed for $90, but I paid just $20!
And now for the clothing!

This Rachel Roy skirt from Filene's (with pockets!) put me out just $7.50 instead of $80! P.S. Sorry about this photo being too bright- my camera would not cooperate! :P
I also got this lovely Angie butterfly dress from TJ Maxx for just $15 instead of $34! I love the bold floral pattern and metal detail around the neckline!
Last but not least, these Romeo & Juliet Couture premium denim skinnies that were just $7.50 instead of $78! I just had to buy these, because I have never been able to find a pair of skinny jeans that actually fit me well and flattered my figure! That's right, these are my first pair of true skinnies (gasp)!
So, my grand total for the day was $143.50, which is definitely more than I intended to spend (considering I didn't intend to spend anything), but when you consider that I saved a whopping $399.50 off the original retail prices, I think I did pretty well!

So what do you fabulous ladies think of my purchases? Have you found any great deals lately, or are you also on a "spending freeze?" I'd love to hear your thoughts!
P.S. I've been working up the courage to do some outfit posts, so be on the lookout for some of the pieces to appear again on Haute Lunch!


  1. Gorgeous purchys, darling!
    Especially loving the bag!


  2. Lucky you with the jeans! So many great shoes, as well. Hope you have a lovely weekend.

  3. I adore the dress you bought! That style is one of my favorites and it is extremely flattering on most bodies. I am excited that the weather is finally getting warm enough to break out summer clothes :)

  4. I love the shoes that you scored. Those are definitely some great finds. You couldn't pass them up!
    Twitter: @GlamKitten88

  5. ok you did AMAZING. I could easily snag it all from you (while sipping one of your mojitos, haha). Hoping we wear the same size shoe -- 9! -- so I can come to Chicago and borrow the coolest sandals ever.

    alyson --
    (ps: thanks for the shout out! love our tweet sessions!)

  6. Uh oh, Alyson! We do share the same shoe size! Looks like we can do some shoe swapping if you come up here (or if I go down there)! Yay!

  7. wow, you did some damage, Tara! love the steve madden flats and that great bargain on the rachel roy skirt! we should shop together, lol!

  8. Glad you ladies are loving these finds as well! Totally wish we could go shopping together, Cheryl!

  9. You really shopped till you dropped huh? :) Love all the great finds. Enjoy ... you deserve to splurge ;) Hehe

    ♡ from ©

  10. I can't believe you go that tote for only $20! SO cute!

  11. wow you did so well! great haul! i love those jeans-romeo and juliet couture is such a great brand! :)

  12. wow, those are some amazing bargains! specially those jeans! my gawd, so cheap. but i really love those sandals! :)

  13. Great purchases! Love the sandals :)

  14. Honey, I love your purchases!!! Win, win, win!! :) I have been on a spending freeze for awhile now, but broke it 2 weeks ago and can't seem to find my way back to NOT spending!! hahahaha!!


  15. P.S. can't wait to see your outfit posts!!!

  16. Great deals savvy lady! The Rachel Roy skirt will be great for the spring!

    Chic 'n Cheap Living

  17. you got so many wonderful things!! i really love the blue and white bag!! and the michael kors belt is such a great find!!

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  19. Gosh I love it all, such a clever post yet again! Really great to read! Really sorry about the delay in replying to your comment, hopefully I'll be back to normal replying soon!

  20. Love love love all your amazing things. That dress is so cute and those sandals....I so want those


  21. Love the Donna Dixon tote. Perfect for summer! Great price too!

  22. Fabulous finds! I love the Zigi Girl sandals. They're perfect for summer!

  23. I came back with an unexpectedly huge clothing haul this weekend too! I felt like I deserved it though for all the items I had just donated to Goodwill...Just stumbled onto your blog!

  24. Great deals!!!
    I'm avoiding stores lately so I'm happy for your buys as they were mine :))))))

    Love, Sanja

  25. Thanks for all your fabulous comments, ladies! I am really excited to wear all these pieces!

  26. I love your haul! Especially the shoes and that bag for a steal of only $20! Great finds!

    :) Teresa