Tuesday, September 20, 2011

September Birchbox Review

Hello Gorgeous! I recently received my September Birchbox in the mail and have tried out some of my samples, so I'm ready to share it with you! If you haven't heard of Birchbox before, it is an awesome monthly  service that sends you 4-5 personal deluxe beauty samples for just $10/month! So far I have been quite happy with my selections and think Birchbox is a great value for the price! If you're interested in seeing what I have received over the last few months, check out these previous reviews: June, July, August.

This month's box is a celebration of the one year anniversary of Birchbox! The samples inside were supposed to be highly personalized based on each member's beauty profile, but I can't say that I was in love with everything I received (but hey, that's what samples are for, right?). Here's what came in my September Birchbox:

Clockwise from upper left: Birchbox Friendship Bracelet, Jouer Lip Enhancer Balm, Harvey Prince Eau Flirt Perfume, Blinc Mascara, Incoco Nail Polish Appliques, Lash Card, Product Description Card.
I know a lot of people were thrilled with the contents of this month's box, and although I like it fairly well, I can't say that it's my favorite (that still has to be June's box; It was amazing). Now that I've had my box for a few days I have had time to try everything except for the nail polish appliques, but I'm sure they will look just as cute as the Sally Hansen ones I posted a how to for back in April.

My favorite item from this box so far has to be the Blinc mascara. It's different from most because it doesn't just paint your lashes, it encompasses them with little tubes (once it's dry) that can only be removed with the combination of water and pressure. This means that your mascara will never run if you get stuck in the rain or have a good cry, and that you don't need eye makeup remover to take it off. I just removed it while I was washing my face before bed by gently pulling my eyelashes with my wet fingers. The little mascara tubes came off easily! I must say, this is a pretty cool invention and the only negative I can think of is that it tends to smear before it's dry.

My next favorite item is the Jouer Lip Enhancer. It is supposed to soften, moisturize, and plump your lips all at once. I like it because I can put it on by itself and my lips still look nice, even thought they're lipstick free. Not sure if I would buy the full size, but it's only $14 so it might be my next lip balm purchase.

The other two beauty products I tried so far were the Harvey Prince perfume and the Lash Card. Neither of these blew me away. The perfume says it's supposed to "inspire desire" but my fiance said it mostly inspired him to sit farther away from me. :( I must agree though, and definitely wouldn't ever consider paying $98 for this fragrance. The Lash Card, which is supposed to be used behind your lashes to keep you from smearing your mascara during application, was effective, but I don't usually smear my mascara so it isn't a product I would normally use.

So that's what I got in my September Birchbox! Happy birthday to the Birchbox team, and thanks for keeping the high end samples coming! Are you a Birchbox member yet? If so, what has been your favorite box thus far? If not, what are you waiting for?! Sign up now! :) I'm sure you'll love the monthly surprise just as much as I do!


  1. I got the Blinc mascara last month and didn't like it - it didn't do anything for me.

    Mine should be coming today! I hope!

  2. I know other people who got the Blinc mascara last month and didn't really care for it either, but I thought it was awesome. I think it doesn't do much in terms of adding length, just volume, so I can totally understand why many people don't care for it. I usually don't care about adding length, though, as my lashes are quite long to begin with (thanks, Dad)! Can't wait to see what's in yours!

  3. That mascara sounds weird! You should post a photo of your lashes with it because I have a really weird image in my head. LOL!

  4. It does sound pretty weird, doesn't it! :) It looks like normal mascara, though. I will do a review post sometime soon so you can see exactly what it looks like.

  5. The mascara sounds really cool! I'll be looking forward to your review!

    Chic 'n Cheap Living

  6. great item here; i still haven't recieved blinc though i haven't heard great things about it so glad you liked it. the bracelet is pretty cute (got that, too!). While we got different items, this wasn't my favorite month either.

  7. The mascara sounds great. I love trying new mascaras. I think I have about 12 tubes in my makeup box right now. Other than that, I don't think I would have been too thrilled, either. I'm so picky with my products -- other than mascara, of course!

    Twitter: @GlamKitten88

  8. Haha, I laughed out loud when I read that the perfume inspired him to sit farther away from you! I could definitely use a mascara card, because I do get it all over!

  9. i need to start subscribing to this service - i'm always so jealous when I read all the reviews!

  10. What pattern is that on your nail strips? I think I like yours better than mine because my pink leopard is too flashy for daily wear in a conservative work environment so I don't know when I'll wear them!

  11. You've got me wanting to sign up for birchbox! Thanks for the reviews!

  12. I like your box! lol I only got four samples in mine. Have you tried the nail stuff yet? I did and I found that they chip faster than Sally Hansen. Just curious if this was the same for you or not.

  13. Hello thanks so much for posting this review as I have been thinking about trying this service. Have you tried lancome mascaras and if so how does this one compare???
    Kerrie @ gorgeous-glamour.com

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