Thursday, September 8, 2011

Guest Post: Top 10 People to Follow During Fashion Week

Hello Lovelies! In celebration of Fashion's Night Out and the beginning of Fashion Week, I have a guest post for you today written by the lovely Sarah Ellis from Handbag Heaven! While you might remember her for her fabulous Thirsty Thursday Drunken Grapes recipe, today Sarah is sharing with us her top 10 picks for tweeters follow during fashion week! Thanks so much to Sarah for putting this fabulous list together! I know I found a few new twitter folks to follow after reading it! So now, without further ado, her are Sarah's picks:

It’s here! Fashion Week, the most anticipated event of the year in the fashion industry. While front row seats to any shows at Bryant Park are reserved for industry professionals and celebs, social media outlets like Twitter have provided HUGE insight for us “regular” fashion devotees. During September 8-15, Twitter feeds are abuzz with up-to-the-second updates with what’s coming down the runway. But if you want to be in the know, you’ve got to following the industry’s best!
I’ll give you the 411 on the Top 10 People to Follow during Fashion Week. Let’s start with the who’s who:
1. Joe Zee @mrjoezee: Creative Director for Elle Magazine, this guy has the best connections out there! With front-row invitations and exclusive behind-the-scenes access to designers he offers rare insights into the craziness that is fashion week. AND he tweets tons of pictures. Can’t beat that! He’s also one of my favorite “personalities” and gives GREAT insight and personal narrative!
2. Women’s Wear Daily @womensweardaily: In need of little explanation, women’s wear daily is the only daily publication totally devoted to the fashion industry. They are serious about fashion and VERY serious about fashion week. Their coverage is hard to match.
3. Vogue @voguemagazine: When anyone hears the name, “Vogue” they know it means fashion. One of the most trusted and revered fashion magazines, they’re another obvious follow for fashion week. And, of course, Anna Wintour, the most-watched fashion editor, is a highly prized asset at any show. Because designers know, if Anna loves it, the world loves it.
4. The Moment @themoment: The New York Times coverage of culture and style mixes both fashion show coverage and the after-hours happenings. After parties feature the cream of the crop when it comes to big names in the industry - and they’ve got the press pass.
5. Jessica Stam @Jess_Stam: Quickly rising in the highly competitive world of high fashion modeling, Jessica Stam is a highly coveted runway model. Not only seen on the runway, but in front row seats as well as many after parties. You’ll get coverage from every angle with her!
6. Bryan Boy @bryanboy: Popularized as an offbeat fashion blogger, Bryanboy has quickly gained a name for himself in the fashion industry. With tons of photos and commentary on shows and parties, you’ll get a unique perspective on the week.
7. Oscar PR Girl @oscarprgirl: A great one to follow all year round, Oscar De La Renta’s PR girl tweets about the fashion industry in a new and personal way. Get clever commentary on the happening’s of fashion week and a behind-the-scenes glimpse at how the week is pulled off!
8. Nina Garcia @ninagarcia: There’s only one Nina! Another personal favorite, Nina has a classic eye for fashion. As fashion director for Marie Claire magazine, and a long running judge on Project Runway, she knows what works and what doesn’t. Her personal insight is highly valued!
9. Mercedes Benz Fashion Week @mbfashionweek: The official New York Fashion Week twitter coverage. Need I say more?
10. DKNY PR Girl @dkny: In the same vein as Oscar De La Renta, comes another personal view of fashion week via Donna Karan New York’s PR gal. More people, parties, and photos! Plus humorous looks at the craziness that is fashion week.
There you have it fashionistas! Follow these people and you’ll be living in fashion heaven this week and next!
Author Bio: My love for fashion runs deep, as does my affinity for hoarding handbags. As a writer for Handbag Heaven, I’m looking forward to fashion week where fashion celebs gather to show off the best of their style so I can get great ideas for ways to pair fall and winter handbags! With my wedding around the corner, fashion week will keep me from stressing out too much :-)


  1. This is a great list! Congrats on your upcoming wedding.

  2. These are definitely great people to follow! I wish I was back in NYC this week!

  3. Awesome post!
    Love Jessica Stam!


  4. Thank you soooo much for this list!! Sadly, I was only following WWD, Vogue, and Jess Stam. I know, I know. I'm now following the rest!

  5. DKNY PR girl is so nice. She is one of my favorite people to talk with online. She always has the best advice, too. Oscar PR Girl is also totally amazing.
    Twitter: @GlamKitten88

  6. This is a great list and I think I had everyone on there except for The Moment, need to get on it.

  7. great list! i'm now following them all :)hope you can check out my blog for some +vibes and inspiration! i am also hosting a sweet giveaway!xo

  8. Thank you for this! I also love DKNYgirl's tumblr - she's my favorite on that list!

  9. Love this--Nina Garcia is such a fave :)

  10. I definitely follow all of them, especially Joe Zee & Bryan Boy -- sometimes I even realize they're two feet away from me tweeting! lol

  11. That's awesome, Audrey! So funny! Glad you all are loving this list! Sarah really did a great job putting it together!

  12. What a great list! Love Oscar PR Girl & going to add the rest to my list! :)

  13. What a great post! I always just search Fashion Week to read random tweets, this is definitely easier!!

  14. so true! Mr Joe Zee loves the two PR Girls. he couldn't stop talking about them at IFB.

    glad to be back in the blogosphere and catching up with some Haute Lunch!~

  15. Awesome list, Tara! I usually just search hashtags but I'm totes going to create a Twitter list.

    I'd add ManRepeller to this, too - she's front row everywhere this season!

    -Hallie :)