Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Missoni for Target Woes

Hello Gorgeous! So today is the big day! The Missoni for Target line is now available in stores and online, but apparently that doesn't necessarily mean buying a Missoni designed piece is going to be easy. This morning, I had one of two options. This...
Photo of Harlem Target Tweeted by NYC Shopping Guide
or this...
Since I hate lines and giant crowds of people, I opted for shopping online, or at least attempting to shop online. Unfortunately, the Target website ended up crashing just as I was checking out, so now I have to wait to make these Missoni for Target flats, as well as I set of mugs that I can't even access a photo of right now, mine:
Did any of you checkout online before the crash? Or perhaps you braved the lines and actually went to the store? What did you get? What would you get if you could actually do some online shopping? Honestly, at this point if my items are no longer in my cart when Target comes back online, I'm just going to forget the whole thing and do without. I don't think any material item is worth me being stressed, so I'll just keep the target tab in the background and see what happens later today. Good luck to the rest of you trying to score a Missoni for Target treasure!


  1. I was online at 6:15am and ordered everything I wanted, about $900 worth of stuff.
    Hope the crash did not wipe that out of the system!

  2. Those flats are so cute!!! I haven't even checked out the stuff ... I guess I will be skipping it all together! :P

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  3. I was up at 5am just cause that's when I go to the gym and luckily got myself a pair of the kids and adult flats. Good luck.

  4. I went to the store. I had no lines but crazy customers. I saw one woman with 6 carts! I got the suede pumps, black and white print top, and a cosmetic bag.

  5. I went to two Target stores on the north side of the City around 8:30a. I figured the site was going to crash, and wanted to see the quality of the items before purchasing online. I was happy with what I purchased - but it was crazy. People getting in fights and women piling things into their carts without even checking size/fit.

  6. Those flats are super cute! I hope you are able to snag them :)

  7. i totally agree with you Tara. I don't have time to go to Target today so I went online and it was down, of course. But i got in just in time to put something in my cart and then it crashed again. so, who knows! but not stressing over it. :)

  8. Vigorously nodding my head in agreement with all the comments above. ;D

  9. I was sitting in a salon chair for 5 hours yesterday, so I didn't get a chance to go, but am hopeful to snag up some of my favorite pieces! I hope you can get those flats and the mugs you're wanting! The flats are adorable!


  10. i'm having missoni overload! some poeple did killer. i got a few things but might return, we'll see. i really just want the flats and the mugs like you do! :)

  11. it's really amazing to see all the people lined up for it! both of the target around our area was all wiped cleaned... i went later and nothing was left! lol

    would love to have you as a follower...
    have a wonderful weekend!

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  12. hi tara! just stumbled upon your blog because of a post on etsy! i read about this too, that the website crashed due to the huge traffic! and the comment above about the lady with 6 carts? That is crazy! hope you got your missoni fix though! haha


  13. I really like those flats!!!! :D



    Have a great weekend! :)


  14. i wanted a couple of house goods and maybe a scarf but i will never stand in line for hours for something like this...so i had a gift card and used it online wednesday morning, with no problems.

  15. love the colour of the flats! so cute

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  16. I was lucky. I showed up at my store around 2 pm and scored the flats, a scarf and a clipboard!

  17. i wish we had target here if only for the missoni line! so gorgeous!

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