Friday, August 26, 2011

I Love the 90s

Good Morning, Gorgeous! Lately it seems we've been talking a lot about the 70s when it comes to fashion, but today, let's talk about the 90s.

Recently I've been seeing a lot of outfit posts from some of my favorite bloggers that remind me of the 90s. Teresa wore a very 90s dress this week, Tanvi wore floral print skinny jeans that remind me of leggings I had long ago, Jessica has been sporting crop tops throughout the summer, Carrie can be seen in boyfriend jeans and chunky heels, and Sara is bringing back plaid. This trend is not just happening in the blogosphere, either. I have seen people wearing 90s inspired outfits everywhere- even if they don't know it.

Think about...when was the last time floral, hippie inspired dresses were popular? The 90s. The last time Keds were cool? The 90s. What about flare jeans and wide leg pants? You guessed it, the 90s. Even the ever so popular romper is nothing more than a reincarnation of shortalls (overall shorts). And of course, who didn't notice the reappearance of (cringe) Hammer pants?

But what about the 90s hair and makeup? Well, that's coming back to. This fall, it's time to put those straightening irons away. Hopefully none of us will start wearing poodle perms or "mall bangs" again, but softer looks with big, flowing curls are definitely making a comeback. Braids have also been seen all over, reminding me of the styles my mom used to create for me before I headed off to school. Not even the latest makeup trends can say they aren't inspired by the 90s. Deep wine colored lips, thick brows, and dark blue hues are all reminiscent of the trends that were popular when I first started getting into makeup.

So, how does one capture the 90s without falling prey to the not so hot trends of the time. Remember your history. Look back at photos of yourself from the time and see which styles are worth reviving and which should remain solely in history (this might not be useful if you were too young back then). Here's a look I put together reminiscent of the trends of the 90s (flares, dark lips, and soft, curly tendrils) without copying that era exactly.

The last time I wore a Fred Durst/Chicago Bulls inspired color scheme? 1999.
Blouse: Thrifted (Summer, 2011)
Tank: American Apparel (Fall, 2008)
Jeans: Citizen's of Humanity (Winter, 2010)
Shoes: BCBG Paris (Fall, 2005)
Jewelry: Bracelet- The Limited; Watch- Swiss Legend; Necklace- Martine Wester; Earrings- ??? From Venice Beach
Makeup: Lips- Lancome Lip Liner in Mauvelle, Lancome Lip Stick in All Done Up; Eyes- Lancome Color Design Eyeshadow, Smashbox Eye Lining Crayon in Black, Benefit BadGal Lash; Cheeks- Laura Geller Baked Blush-n-Brighten in Honey Dipped; Brows- YBF Brow Pencil in Taupe 
So if there is such a huge presence of 90s trends in fashion right now, why are so few people talking about it? Perhaps the influence of the 90s has been somewhat subconscious or perhaps it's been overshadowed by the hype of the 70s. Perhaps it's not being created on the runways, but rather on the streets. Regardless of where they came from, the fashions of the 90s are making a comeback and they won't be ignored.

But, why now? It's 2011, right? Right. It's 2011. What does that mean? That means generation Y is entering its prime. Those of us that grew up in the 90s are now working, having families, and influencing society. Those of us in our late 20's and 30's shared glory days with A.C. Slater and the kids of 90210, so perhaps nostalgia is contributing to this trend. Plus, not to get too political, but the 90s were good to us. By the end of the decade the economy was thriving and Clinton had a budget in place that would have eliminated the national debt and created a surplus by the year 2010. The 90s went out with a bang rather than the wimper that ended the first decade of the new millenium. I can't be sure, but I would be surprised if a longing for the way things were wasn't contributing to the revival of the 90s.

So, do you love the 90s? Have you noticed this trend slowly building across the country? I'd love to hear your thoughts!


  1. I knew I held onto my flares for a reason! :)

  2. Gorgeous look!
    Love this trend!


  3. Loved the 90's and you look amazing Tara!!!! You need to wear dark lipstick more often!!!

  4. LOVE THE 90s, and totally agree! You look awesome -- as always! PS: so wish we were friends in real life. :) And, as for the 90s, it just makes me want to tune in to old eps of 90210 all-day long!

  5. lovely post .. i like your style and red shist and unique necklace ....

  6. Wow! You have made me REALLY miss the 90s! Being born in the late 70s, I was in high school in the 90s (Class of 96!!!). I remember drooling over the wardrobe of one Kelly Taylor on 90210! I'd love for some of the fashion/makeup trends from the 90s (and dare I say 80s) to come back. . .some not all :)

    Great post!

  7. Tara this is my favorite post of yours, ever. Seriously. I love everything that you've said, and couldn't agree more!! You nailed it with your political precision as well; I voted for the first time in '96 {and voted for Clinton} (not to get political lol!) Your outfit and makeup absolutely reminds me of the 90s. I remember in '94 I was a sophomore and I constantly wore these red jeans from the Gap. Ugh what I wouldn't kill for those jeans now!! I remember working in an office in '98 and wearing knee length skirts with those little front slits over one leg, I can't remember where, but I'm seeing them again!!! Ahhhhh the 90s :)

  8. So glad you all love this post! Lia- I think this is one of my favorite posts ever as well. I felt very inspired writing it (been thinking about it all week). :)

  9. oh i totally love the 90s! it is, by far, my favorite decade since that's when i grew up. can you believe i know nothing about 90s makeup? i didn't start wearing any until i was like 18.

  10. I so wish I could rock crop tops...because I'm loving them with high waisted flares right now! LOVE your lipstick btw!

  11. I love your take on the 90's!

    I certainly love those little floral dresses a la "My So Called Life" or even whatever Kelly wore on "Saved By the Bell" :)

    Thanks for the shout out too! xo

  12. You know you have got a point. I think we are warming up to embrace the 90's again but in a more fashionable away! I am loving the florals and the crop tops.

    Love your bright top with denims!!!

    P.S. I kinda miss the old 90210! And thanks for the mention! :D

    ♡ from ©

  13. Love that last picture of you! It's totally true - the 90s rocked and my flares were definitely first from the 90s (alas that I can't fit my jeans anymore ;( )

    Have a lovely weekend darling!

    Chic 'n Cheap Living

  14. Oh I love the 90s! I miss those days - haha, I totally remember my favorite pair of flare jeans when I was a kid.

  15. LOL. I love this post! I was SO hesitant to wear blouse tied up (but I did) to bust out the flare legs (but I did. My biggest regret? Not hanging on to my platforms! I am also looking forward to wine colored lips this fall (and may have even worn them already).

  16. I LOVE that we can wear plaid and Keds again, and I'm crossing my finger for overalls. But I absolutely hate 90s hair. It was just not pretty, and, to be honest, I have stick straight hair so it doesn't work for me. And I really hope that body glitter doesn't come back.

  17. I have to admit, I was never that into the 90's, even in the 90's. But you make really good points about the comeback of so many style associated with that decade. And even if I feel like I look like a tool, I do love seeing women in their combat boots and floral dresses. It's such a great combination. So, okay, I do like the 90's. ;)

  18. I agree that 90's fashion is coming back because the kids of the 90's are all decision making adults now...that makes me feel old!! Love your 90's inspired look...all still relevant today!

  19. I LOVE THE 90s!! You look great in red by the way!


  20. cute outfit! I really like that color on you :)