Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Back to School

Hello Gorgeous! As I mentioned yesterday, it's back to school time for me which means a busier schedule and a little more stress, but also some new school supplies! I've always loved school supplies and go crazy over notebooks, so I thought I'd share some of my must have items for the new semester!

Missoni for Target File Folders & Organizers - Available Sept. 13th!
Desk Organizer from Erin's Artwork on Etsy - Although most students don't have an office, when you're a grad student and are expected to live at school, they actually give you a desk, so I have to keep it organized! :)
Leather Bound Notebook from Leather Notebooks on Etsy - A sturdy notebook is a must for me as I always travel with my notebook and carry it to classes, talks, conferences, etc.
Panda Mug from Urban Outfitters - I'm the first to admit that I am completely addicted to caffeine (as are most grad students), so I love this pada mug and spoon combo that not only enables my coffee habit, but also looks cute sitting on my desk!
Messenger Bag from Nottoc on Etsy - A large bag that can fit my notebooks, supplies, baby computer (that's what I call my netbook), wallet, and cosmetics is a must have! I love this bag I found on Etsy because it's cute and has lots of compartments for all my stuff!
So are any of you career students like me? Or perhaps you have children that are heading back to school this week? If so, what are your back to school must haves for yourself or your children? I probably enjoy back to school shopping a little too much, but then again I am a nerd, so it's probably not too surprising! :) I hope you all have a great day!


  1. nice art work i like love ur pencil boxes ......

  2. Definitely a fan of that leather bound notebook.

    And I'm not a student but I plan to get those Missoni items for my nonexistent home office. lol.

  3. I LOVE school supplies too. I especially have a thing for colored pencils and crayons. Just makes me want to get a coloring book. Cute picks, especially the panda mug!!

  4. That leather notebook is so gorgeous!

  5. omg I love that panda mug - it is sooo adorable! I want it now!

  6. Those file folders are awesome! And I so need that panda mug! ;)

  7. I love school supplies too! Can I just say that this bag is beyond awesome!!! Good luck in school, Tara!


  8. the missoni for target collection has really great back to school stuff.

  9. Cannot wait for Missoni for Target!!! That has got to be the cutest mug I have ever seen!! I kinda need to have it. :)

    I was actually thinking of going back to school... we'll see. Enjoy your first day!


  10. I love your picks! I have a feeling my "back to school" season will be starting in January... I am considering going back after this craziness at work calms down.

    I really want to check out the Missoni stuff at Target :) xo

  11. Gorgeous selections!
    So excited about Missoni for Target!


  12. I love that mug! All your fun school stuff makes me wish I had an excuse to buy back-to-school items. (Although I can't say I actually want to go back to school.) Good luck on your first day! :)