Thursday, October 20, 2011

Review: Rivé Glass Water Bottles

Hello Lovelies! Recently I received two amazing Rivé glass water bottles that I have been using constantly ever since. While I have always been a big supporter of reusable water bottles, I have never had any that were as gorgeous as these! On top of that, these fabulous bottles are made of glass and are 100% BPA free, so they don't impart any unwanted flavors into the water (which is one of my biggest complaints with plastic bottles). They also come in different styles and designs.

The Elan is the original design and the one I've been carrying around because it's smaller than the other bottles. While I have it in lime, it comes in a variety of colors and even in a Chicago cityscape design for all you other Chicago gals (or Chicago lovers)!

I've also been using the Savoy in Peacock, which is my absolute favorite. It holds 16 oz and is great for the office! I've been getting tons of compliments on it since I started using it last week and all my office mates are just as in love with it as I am!

While at first I was a bit worried that I would break these bottles since they are made of glass, I have quickly found that they are very durable and can withstand me knocking them over on my desk multiple times (though hopefully that is the worst that will happen to them). I also love that the cap seals tightly so I don't have to worry about my water spilling out into my bag or worse, on my computer! I am totally impressed with these bottles and totally recommend them for anyone who wants a functional and stylish bottle! 

Rivé bottles are just $20-$25, and right now you can get free shipping if you order any two! Also be sure to check out Bottle Banter, a cute style blog written by Rivé founder, Jillian Craig. So do any of you have one of these amazing bottles? If not, which one do you like best? I'd love to hear your thoughts!
*These bottles were provided to me free for review, but the opinions expressed are completely my own.


  1. OMG! That peacock tumbler is awesome :) I am totally adding one of these to my holiday wishlist, now... do I ask for the peacock feather one or the leopard one???

    xoxo T
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  2. That's a tough decision, Teresa! I love the Peacock a lot, but the Leopard Print is also gorgeous! Maybe you should just ask for them both and then you can keep one at home and one at school! :)

  3. wow! they are very cool!


    have a great weekend :)

  4. these are SO cool. Important to look stylish while drinking h2o... or anything else. :)

  5. Those look really cool! $20 isn't much when you consider how much you'll save versus buying bottled water. Very cool that you got to review them and keep them!

  6. i'm glad they are so durable because they look hot!

    by the way, i was in the middle of a move, but i haven't forgotten about the Tara Lane Designs giveaway on the Muse. once I get internet on a regular basis (which will hopefully be over the weekend) i can tally the entries and get you a winner!

    hope all is well!

  7. I've done the ceramic coffee cup thing, but not the glass bottle thing yet. Definitely intrigued!